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Viewing current FTP7 sessions using C#

A few weeks ago my friend Jaroslav posted a blog entry about viewing the current FTP7 sessions using Javascript, and I followed that up with a blog post about viewing the current FTP7 sessions using VBScript.

This blog entry follows up on those postings by showing you how to view the current FTP7 sessions using C#. To do so, start a new Windows Console Application project using C# in Visual Studio 2005 on a computer running Windows Server 2008 with the new FTP7 server installed. You will need to add a reference to the AppHostAdminLibrary by manually browsing to the nativerd.dll file that's located in the %WinDir%\System32\InetSrv folder. After you've added the reference, replace all of the C# code from the project template with the following C# code:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using AppHostAdminLibrary;

namespace FtpDumpSessions
  class FtpDumpSessions
    static void Main(string[] args)
      AppHostWritableAdminManager objAdminManager =
        new AppHostWritableAdminManager();

      // get the collection of sites
      IAppHostElement objSitesElement =
      uint intSiteCount =
        "Site count: {0}",

        // loop through the sites collection
        for (int intSite = 0;
          intSite < intSiteCount;
          // get a site
          IAppHostElement objFtpSite =

          // get the FTP section
          IAppHostElement objFtpSiteElement =

          // get the sessions collection
          IAppHostElement objFtpSessions =
          uint intSessionCount =
            "\tFTP sessions for {0}: {1}",
            objFtpSite.Properties["name"].Value, intSessionCount);

          // loop through the sessions
          for (int intSession = 0;
            intSession < intSessionCount;
            IAppHostElement objFtpSession =
            // loop through each session's properties
            for (int intProperty = 0;
              intProperty < objFtpSession.Properties.Count;
                "\t\t{0}: {1}",
      catch (System.Exception ex)
          "\r\nError: {0}",

When you compile and run the project, you should see a listing of all users connected to your FTP7 sites.

That's about it for this post - have fun!

Posted: Jul 06 2007, 01:59 by Bob | Comments (0)
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